Friday, March 18, 2011

My Grandson Tyler

The first time I saw him after the accident, was the afternoon.  I came in the room, Tyler couldn't see me, because he couldn't turn his head.  He asked, "Whose here?".  "Your Grandmother!" "Oh, gran-ma, I'm sorry."  "Yes, I know, but we will make it through this." I assured him.  He said, "Yes we will! -- I was wearing my helmet."  "Yes, I know, if you weren't I'd be here watching you drool."  "Ya, I'd be a total vegetable!"

Jump to Christmas 2009.
     Olivia, (his mother) Chanel, (his sister) Kyle (his cousin) and his gran-dad, and I spent Christmas day with tyler at the hospital, eating dinner in the hospital cafeteria....   A few days later when Tyler was able to talk to us, he said, "Sorry gran-ma you had such a bad Christmas."  I thought for a second, then told him, "I had a great Christmas, I have my grandson!  What more could I ask for?"

When Tyler was able to communicate after the surgery and all the tubes were out, and he was breathing on his own, he would always ask the doctors, nurses, family and friends who came in his room "How are you doing?" or "How has your day been?"  He would almost always say thank you to the doctors or nurses when they left his room.  He was able to meet the doctor who performed the surgery on his neck and back, putting him back together saving his life.  tyler couldn't thank him enough and said to him, "May God bless you."

Before Tyler's surgery the doctor had said to me, "This is very dangerous and difficult surgery.  I will do the very best I can, then it's in Gods hands and I'm only the messenger."  I knew right then we had the right doctor.  I told Tyler this later, he was quite taken by it.

That's my Grandson - Tyler

Tyler, as I said, we will make it through this!  You're a great guy, and just know you're going to have a wonderful life and do great things!   All My Love, Gran-ma

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tyler needs your help!

To Help Tyler

Any questions please call 
Dianne Olschewske (Tyler Grandmother) 714-873-4291
All Donations can be made through PayPal 
Or Fullerton Community Bank
17672 Yorba Linda Blvd. Yorba Linda, Ca. 92886-3927 
payable to Dianne Olschewske #75795
 Check out Tyler’s BlogSpot. 
 Coming soon Web Site & YouTube

Tyler is home!

On Friday Feb. 11th 2011 Tyler came home!  Right now he requires 24 hr care.  All the the equipment i.e., bed, lift, etc. is not large enough for him.  Tyler is 6'2" and about 200lbs.  But he's still very happy to be home where his friends can visit any time.  Because of a bad sore on his back he's not able to do a lot of the things he should be working on right now.  This happened while he was still in the hospital.

Update on Tyler

On December 11, 2010, 18 year old Tyler Hogue’s life changed.  While riding his motorcycle, a truck made an illegal turn in front of him, causing Tyler to crash into the truck.  He was lucky enough to be in the 5% of people who make it to the hospital from this type of accident.  After being rushed to UCI, he went through 16 hours of surgery, repairing and inserting two rods to reconnect C1 & C2 Vertebras in his broken neck and two rods were inserted in his upper back to repair the two damage vertebras, which left his spinal cord badly damaged.  Today Tyler is a T5 & T6 Paraplegic. He also had a badly broken left wrist and spent 7 hours in surgery to repair it.  He has lost quite a bit of his upper body strength.  He spent one month in UCI and one month in Long Beach Memorial Rehabilitation Center. He will have to have months of out-patient rehabilitation.
His turn around has been a blessing; however the family is now faced with additional medical needs, plus their home needs a complete remodel to make it handicap accessible.  We have family and friends who are ready to do the construction work, but are in dire need of materials.
His sister and her boyfriend sold everything, gave up their jobs to come back out here from Florida, so she can take care of her brother.  Right now he will need 24 hour care.  His mother has spent the best part of the last 20 years taking care of his dad.  Now she is faced with a new challenge.
If you, your company or club would like to help the Hogue family, renovate their home to make it handicap accessible for Tyler, and make more room for his sister to stay. All donations or fund raisers would be greatly appreciated.